No one has ever actually made a public comment about my work, although Newt Gingrich misquoted me once on the floor of the House.


I realized I could read when I understood the credits of Laverne & Shirley. I’ve been writing ever since. Well, since after Laverne & Shirley was over.

I used to write a parenting blog and also another blog. I was an online columnist for the totally leftist Memphis Flyer and, for editorial reasons I’ll never understand, a disappeared conservative site called Main Street Journal. I’m now happily and gainfully employed as an award-winning copywriter, but I can’t seem to stop writing other stuff in my free time.


Women in the corner office

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had the honor of profiling two women with prominent and critical leadership roles in Memphis: Beverly Robertson and Meri Armour. Beverly was recently named as interim CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber, where she applies her background as an educator, corporate executive, entrepreneur, and nonprofit director to advocate for …


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