So …

No one has ever actually made a public comment about my work, although Newt Gingrich misquoted me once on the floor of the House.

– Andria K. Brown


I realized I could read when I understood the credits of Laverne & Shirley. I’ve been writing ever since. Well, since after Laverne & Shirley was over.

I used to write a parenting blog and also another blog. I was an online columnist for the totally leftist Memphis Flyer and a disappeared conservative site called Main Street Journal. I’m now happily and gainfully employed as an award-winning copywriter, but I can’t seem to stop writing other stuff in my free time.



I just realized I’ve been diligently updating the Work page but forgetting to note new stuff in the blog, so here’s what I’ve been up to all summer. I got to talk to some truly amazing women in Memphis and spread the word about Memphis’ rocketing bike culture. Check it out! FACES of Memphis: Susan …


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